20 May

These days, almost every enterprise is operating online. Therefore it is imperative to work on an online platform that alleviates the operational structure of your business. Building a trustworthy presence on the web is possible with the help of a responsive website created with a robust CMS. There are so many alternatives available in the market at present that choosing one of them can be a wide-open dilemma.Out of all the CMSs available for  Joomla web development services is one of the best website development platforms that offer a user-friendly experience. It gives you the absolute power to manage your website at your convenience. This platform offers a great return on investment and has flawless features that set a business in the right direction. The reason why people are keener to use Joomla than any other CMS is that it has more functionalities and better webpage setting options. In Joomla, the backend is much more arranged and the available options are very simple and easy to use. But first, let’s understand Joomla. 

What does Joomla web development mean?

Created in 2003 as a content management system (CMS), Joomla is one of the well-known platforms for building websites. Presently, 3 million websites are running on Joomla, which makes it a popular CMS alternative after WordPress. There are multiple features that Joomla offers, such as open-source infrastructure, search engine friendly, multilingual, banner management, mobile-responsive, etc. However, you will require the help of an IT professional to incorporate features of Joomla web development services in your business. Now, the next important thing is to know how this technology becomes a benefit for a growing venture. 

Benefits of Joomla web development services

If you’re a start-up or planning to start one, then choosing Joomla as your CMS platform is a wise decision. It offers excellent solutions and saves your time & money. Let us show you how:

Multilingual- Multiple languages for different users

Joomla web technology is a widely popular multilingual CMS platform that offers over 70 languages. A website can be developed in any language without any error or halt which makes it accessible to a large audience. Reaching a large number of people simply means business expansion. Because it will be more comfortable for people to use a website in their native languages. 

E-commerce friendly- Best for setting up an online store

Managing an e-commerce business is not easy, as you deal with thousands of buyers every day. To organize your online store, you require a platform that delivers the convenience of navigation for your customers. One of the platforms which are constantly improving and surpassing other CMS is Joomla. Because it lets you design a website efficiently and manage it properly with each in-built feature. For example, you can use CAPTCHA to save your website from spammers. Many such features in Joomla keep your site steady and efficient. 

Simple, Secure, and fast to use- A better editing experience

Editing is something that a website admin keeps on doing frequently but hates the hassle that comes with it. Although, Joomla gives you the freedom to do as many content modifications as you like, and that too with an easy & secure content editor. All the editing tools are by-default present there in the Joomla editor. Also, it is very effortless to search for the editing content with the article manager tool.

Open-source infrastructure- Joomla is partially free and partially paid 

Everyone loves free treats. A few features of Joomla are also free that you can use for your website but certain options and add-ons come with defined pricing. If you want to get access to those paid features, then you will need to pay for them. If you have a limited budget and can’t spend much, then employing Joomla website development services can be a boon for your business. Unlike other CMSs, Joomla is plugged with all the essentials that are the core of an enterprise.

In-built SEO functionality- Easy to optimize the website

Yet another feature of Joomla is that it has an in-built SEO functionality that permits you to optimize the website. Basic SEO practices such as keywords and meta descriptions are easy to use in Joomla. You will not need to hire an SEO professional for this job. 


Currently, Joomla is offering over 8000 extensions that are best suited for your enterprise. Further, the extensions are divided into 33 categories. Each extension is rated 5-star which shows how valuable it is for your customers. To operate certain functions of Joomla, you may need a professional developer who has a better understanding of this platform.With dedicated developers and a visionary to transform the conventional user experience, Trank Technologies is here to deliver Joomla eCommerce web development services at pricing that resonates with your budget.

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